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The quartz-accurate and dust-tight timer ZS-D is an optional accessory to the electronic gatekeeper with plug-in power supply (VSB + ST) and is used when the control of the electronic gatekeeper and thus the slide is to be realized over time (for example, open and close by time or by Open time and close at dusk). For example, if dusk occurs at around 10:30 pm in June, you can have the slider automatically closed at 10:00 pm via the timer ZS-D (factory setting). The automatic closing is thus possible even before dawn. If it ‘dawns’ a few weeks later before this time, the automatic closing takes place again at dusk. The clock basically sets a time period that is definitely closed. Outside this period, it will be closed or opened depending on the lighting conditions. If you do not want this, the twilight sensor in the porter must be deactivated. This is done by a cable bridge in the scope of delivery of the clock. This is then always open, unless the clock closes.
The time switch ZS-D can control up to three VSB at the same time (by using a luster terminal and separate cables, to be realized by the customer – please inquire in advance).

An integrated battery ensures the further function in case of power failures.

Technical data:
Length: 130 mm

Width: 94 mm

Height: 57 mm

Operating voltage: 6 to 12 volts, DC voltage

Scope of delivery:
Timer ZS-D including internal backup batteries
Cable with connections,
cable bridge – to switch off int. Twilight sensor of the VSB
(if you only want to work on time)

Delivery: 3-pin connection cable 80cm, digital timer ZS-D, cable bridge (only time-controlled)
Manufacturer: AXT-electronic
Power supply: 6-12V DC via power supply of the existing gatekeeper
Dimensions (WxLxH): 130mm x 94mm x 57mm



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