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Analog timer, battery operated, is an optional accessory for the Electronic Doorkeeper, automatic chicken door. The closing time is set via tabs/tabs. The preset closing time is from 22.00 in the evening to 08.00 in the morning. Outside this time, the Electronic Doorkeeper is either open or closed depending on lighting conditions (twilight sensor activated, standard) or always open (twilight sensor deactivated in the doorkeeper, control only by time).

Thus by default the door is opened in the morning at the earliest from the set time (e.g. 8.00 a.m.) as soon as it is light. In the evening it is closed at dusk, but at the latest at the set time (22.00 o’clock). Constant readjustment of the time is therefore not necessary.

Technical data:
The analogue timer is operated with a 1.5 V mono cell (alkaline). The battery life is approx. 1.5 years.

If possible, install the Timer inside, and close the case tightly.

In addition to the VSBb and VSBb-SA, the timer can also be operated on the VSB+ST and the VSB+ST-SA. Operation at the gatekeeper VSD is also possible. It is always powered by its own battery, not by a mains adapter connected to the doorkeeper.

Scope of delivery: BS2 timer in IP66 housing, battery, connecting cable, cable bridge

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